The Nyazian Prophecies

'The Father will kill the Son' was just the Start

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Connor Angel was a boy of destiny. The miracle child born between two vampires, it was foretold he would play a major part in the dark days. He was raised by his father's worst enemy in the hell dimension Quortoth. He was feared by demons. He was the Destroyer.

Then, manipulation and deceit drove Connor to the brink of his insanity. His life was saved only by giving him a new one. A beautiful lie, a life as Connor Riley, Stanford student and innocent geek.

But destiny cannot be stopped. Connor Riley was brought into the battle that Connor Angel had abandoned. His old memories were returned with the Orlon Window, co-existing with the new ones. Connor turned his back on a life of fighting demons, until Angel needed his help to destroy Marcus Hamilton.

A year has past since Andrew Wells arrived in Palo Alto with a message for Connor Riley, asking him to take up the mantle of the Destroyer once again. Throughout the year, a major event foretold in the Nyazian Prophecies unfolded: the battle between the Circle of the Black Thorn and the Destroyer.

Now, the Circle has been destroyed with the death of Cyvus Vail. Connor Riley has again taken the name of Connor Angel, his created memories now gone. He's made a family amongst the chaos of the Hellmouth.

Like his father before him, Connor has assembled a group of demon-fighting friends: Salome Simpson, Illyria's Qwa-Ha Xahn; Jamie Black, a brilliant scientist; Oni Kato, a student ethnodemonologist; Mandy Boyd, a new Slayer; Crawford Lee, a demonically-disfigured actor.

But the Hellmouth is not the biggest problem in Palo Alto. The appearance of the Hellgod Magnimus-- Sister of Glory-- heralds the end of this world. The problems affect not just the Connor's town, but the entire world. Fissures are opening to the Triumvirate of Torment's homeworld.... The Quortoth.

The Nyazian Prophecies


Vincent Kartheiser as Connor Angel
Anna Paquin as Salome Simpson
Bret Harrison as Jamie Black
Kou Shibasaki as Oni Kato
Allison Mack as Mandy Boyd
and Tom Lenk as Andrew Wells

Head Writer: Emcee (its_art)
Consulting Producer: Fre (speshope)
Editor: Pablo

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Connor Angel and all concepts related to the Buffyverse are property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions. This is non-profit fan fiction. It is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a real television show.